Inspiring closing event of Personalised Implants

closing event personalised implants

26 November 2023

The closing event of the ecosystem  gave promising leads for the future of medical technology in Northern Netherlands. 

A group of  about 55 people was present yesterday at the closing event of the Personalised Implants Ecosystem. The audience which included a mix of entrepreneurs, business developers, students, researchers and clinical experts, led to a fruitful discussion and potentially to new leads for future projects.

The agenda of the event included presentations by Joep Kraeima, head of the 3D Lab, who gave an overview of the results and challenges in the optimization of implant design workflow, followed by Frank IJpma and Miriam Oldhoff, who told about the prliminary results on their trial for use of personalised implants in severe trauma cases.  Patrick van Rijn, from UMCG Biomedical engineering, showed the promising results in use of nanobubbles and polymer coating for control of infections, while Jan van Opzeeland told about the advaces of the PROFIX project in 3D printing technology. The last speaker,  Jeroen Siebring, of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences introduced the results of the project which aims to find friendly ways to remove scaffolds of implants of soft tissue.

The event closed with a discussion session where the audience could reflect on the type of cross-collaboration constructions such as an open ecosystem where multiple partneships run in parallel. It was a general feeling that this structure helds great value for the region, at both research as well as industry level. Overall the partners have highlighted how the ecosystem successully brought experts together, creating links that were not existing before 2018 next to a great level of trust and confidence in each other. All the talks were inspiring and the project outcomes may lead to potential continuation, with the ambition to  reduce the gap between fundamental research and the clinic.

We would like to thank all the speakers for their presentations and the audiences for the remarks raised. Event though this was a closing event, there are already plans in motion for future collaborative projects and points to follow-up on.

We thank HTRIC for co-hosting the event and the overall organization and the van SwinderenHuys for the logistics at location.

The ecosystem was made possible by the Open Innovation Subsidy that has been made available by Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland (SNN)Ministerie van Economische Zaken en Klimaat en het @Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling (EFRO), with further support from the Provincie Groningen and the Gemeente Groningen. The program management has been performed by UMCG Innovation Center.