PI-Poster on BiocomPHAtibiliteit

30 June 2023

An informative poster with some results of the PI-project More Science than Fiction: growing spare parts ex vivo was showcased during a symposium in April in Groningen.

The research poster was on display at a symposium in honor of the installment of dr. Janneke Krooneman as lector bioconversion and fermentation technology at the Hanze UAS. Guests included authorities in the PHA field (i.e. Jan Ravenstein, Paques Biomaterials) as well as representatives from e.g. Chemport Delfzijl.

The poster shows the results of a series of tests set up to measure and monitor cell vitality of different types of cells

The event took place in April 2023 and it is described here.

Well done to the authors, which included Neeltje Kooi, Jurgen Geertsma, BML-MD Minor-studenten, Kjell Neumann (Makerspace), Jeroen Siebring, Janneke Krooneman.

If you want to know more about the PI-project, please visit this page.