New article from van Rijn's group

15 December 2022

This article by van Rijn's group describes the functionalization of NIPAM nGels to allow the incorporation of a triggered response upon matrix formation to the external pH environment in view of the physiochemical properties of the resulting microstructure.

Dr. Patrick van Rijn’s team has released an article derived from the work of the Personalized triggered release of antimicrobials from implant surfaces (TRAM) project.

In the article, the authors described a method to provide the successful formation of dynamic covalent cross-linked hydrogel microstructures based on ketone and amine-functionalized nanogels using Pickering emulsions. This method could contribute  to generate porous microstructures where excluded, isolated cavities can be created in which storage, protection, and overall mechanical properties can be tuned.

Full citation: Siebenmorgen, C.Zu, G.Keskin, D.van Rijn, P.Dynamic Covalent Cross-Linked Nanogel-Stabilized Pickering Emulsion for Responsive MicrostructuresMacromol. Rapid Commun. 202243, 2100766.

The article is available here.

In the figure above, the stability of nGel matrix in aqueous solution at pH 2, 5, and 8after a) 0 h and b) 48 h is shown.