Nieuws & Events

PI-Poster on PHA-breakdown

An informative poster on PHA breakdown with some results of the PI-project More Science than Fiction: growing spare parts ex vivo was showcased during a symposium in April in Groningen.

A new article published from TRAM

This article by van Rijn's group describes the functionalization of NIPAM nGels to allow the incorporation of a triggered response upon matrix formation to the external pHnenvironment in view of the physiochemical properties of the resulting microstructure.

Partnerbijeenkomst met HTRIC 24 november

Het ecosysteem slaat de handen ineen met het Health Technology Research and Innovation Cluster bij de organisatie van het volgende partnerevenement. Het evenement is gepland op 24 november in het Space Werkcafe in Zernike tussen 15-17u.