Xilloc Medical

At Xilloc, we believe that engineering and technology can be used even more in healthcare for the benefit of individual patients. “Personalized medicine” is a term often coined. We feel however, that this is not yet applied to implants and prosthetics, as these are mostly standard products, sometimes modified for an improved fit. Everybody is […]


Bond3D adds a significant opportunity fulfilling the needs in these medical markets. For the first time a 3D printing process can deliver full functional performing materials to these applications. Designs can be integrated or feature advanced bone optimized in-grow structures for medical products.


Demcon is a high-end technology supplier of products and systems, with high-tech, robotic and medical systems as focus areas. Demcon is a business that supports clients with a wide range of competencies. As a system supplier, Demcon can meet the entire needs of its clients, from proof of principle, prototype and pre-production to serial production. […]


OPHTEC was established because of its founders’ desire to help people with vision problems. This mission has inspired the people who work at OPHTEC for over thirty-five years now. It has resulted in a series of unique intraocular lenses and instruments for ophthalmology. Products that make a difference, products aimed at helping people to improve […]

Johnson & Johnson Vision

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, onderdeel van Johnson & Johnson Medical B.V. zet zich in om het gezichtsvermogen in de wereld te transformeren. Wij streven naar de bewustwording van het belang van zicht en oogzorg en om de beste keuzes in visuscorrectie ter wereld te leveren.

Innofil 3D

Innofil3D was acquired by BASF in 2017 and the BASF Ultrafuse brand was created in 2018 for more industrial filaments. In November 2019, BASF Forward AM was launched – the BASF branch for Additive Manufacturing. Ultrafuse is the product group name for all FFF materials from BASF Forward AM.  


We develop, manufacture and sell high-quality medical devices. Additionally, we build sensoring equipment that is integrated into our medical devices or finds independent medical and industrial implementation. The accumulated engineering skills and in-house manufacturing capabilities coupled with the go-get mentality of its workforce make Wellinq a thriving specialized enterprise.


HaemoScan is an independent contract research organization with specialized testing facilities for hemocompatibility testing and for biomarker analysis. We provide pre-clinical in vitro testing for blood contacting medical devices and new drug candidates, helping companies gain more insight into there product or obtain approval to bring their products quickly to market.


The Research and Development department of Kisuma Chemicals is constantly on the look-out for opportunties to develop new applications for our current products and the products we are developing.


In de fijnmechanische techniek ontwikkelen, produceren en verkopen wij seriematige repeat producten tot en met assemblages van vernieuwende technologische producten. Wij kunnen ook ondersteunen in alle facetten van engineering. Samen met u bedenken wij een passende oplossing voor technologische vraagstukken van elk niveau. Van eenvoudige componenten tot op maat gemaakte oplossingen. Wij streven er naar […]