Whatever the challenge we can devise a solution. Whether it is by developing a polymer specifically geared towards your requirements, making a library of polymers and provide you with R&D materials, finding hands-on solutions to acute problems or contributing to your regulatory filings, at PolyVation we know how to deal with a challenge in an […]

Xilloc Medical

At Xilloc, we believe that engineering and technology can be used even more in healthcare for the benefit of individual patients. “Personalized medicine” is a term often coined. We feel however, that this is not yet applied to implants and prosthetics, as these are mostly standard products, sometimes modified for an improved fit. Everybody is […]


OPHTEC was established because of its founders’ desire to help people with vision problems. This mission has inspired the people who work at OPHTEC for over thirty-five years now. It has resulted in a series of unique intraocular lenses and instruments for ophthalmology. Products that make a difference, products aimed at helping people to improve […]

Johnson & Johnson Vision

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, onderdeel van Johnson & Johnson Medical B.V. zet zich in om het gezichtsvermogen in de wereld te transformeren. Wij streven naar de bewustwording van het belang van zicht en oogzorg en om de beste keuzes in visuscorrectie ter wereld te leveren.


BiomACS BV offers a screening technology platform that addresses one of the biggest challenges of the €200B medical implant industry: i.e., the secondary complications of the implants in patients, including excessive scar tissue formation, secondary cataract, infection, or insufficient adhesion to the surrounding tissue.


HaemoScan is an independent contract research organization with specialized testing facilities for hemocompatibility testing and for biomarker analysis. We provide pre-clinical in vitro testing for blood contacting medical devices and new drug candidates, helping companies gain more insight into there product or obtain approval to bring their products quickly to market.


The Research and Development department of Kisuma Chemicals is constantly on the look-out for opportunties to develop new applications for our current products and the products we are developing.

Bether Encapsulates

Bether Encapsulates is een bedrijf dat gespecialiseerd is in inkapseling. Wij hebben ervaring met veel belangrijke inkapseling technieken zoals sproei drogen, (dubbele) emulsies en (co)acervatie.

VDL Wientjes

VDL Wientjes Emmen is een veelzijdig producent van zowel thermohardende als thermoplastische kunststofproducten. Daarbij maakt het niet uit of het gaat om grote of middelgrote series.